Our services

From consulting and development to implementation and support, we can help your network communication with our comprehensive services.

Drilling Services

At Netcom NZ, we offer versatile directional drilling services, an invaluable resource for various infrastructure needs, including residential development, communication cable installation, water pipe replacement, and electrical circuit renovation.

Directional drilling, a non-invasive technique, allows for successful underground utility installation in areas where traditional digging isn't viable. This technology is particularly useful in residential environments where minimal surface disruption and aesthetic preservation are critical.

For communication cable installation, our directional drilling assures rapid, secure deployment with minimal disturbance, reinforcing the reliability of modern community and business communication networks.

Additionally, we facilitate water pipe replacement and electrical circuit renovation, critical in maintaining safe and efficient residential and commercial utilities. Our advanced directional drilling methods enable the renewal of these systems with minimal disruption, thus enhancing safety and overall infrastructure quality.

In short, Netcom NZ's directional drilling services represent a flexible, reliable solution for diverse infrastructure requirements, making us a trusted partner across New Zealand.


At Netcom NZ, we're proud subcontractors for Chorus, UCG, Ventia and Downer, key players in New Zealand's telecommunications landscape. Through these partnerships, we deliver Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services across the nation.

FTTH technology revolutionises connectivity by extending high-speed, high-capacity fibre-optic communication to residential and business premises. This technology outperforms traditional copper-based systems, enhancing the speed and reliability of internet and communication experiences.

As subcontractors, we manage the planning, installation, and maintenance of FTTH connections, enabling a smooth, efficient transition to high-speed fibre-optic internet. Our partnership with Chorus also grants us access to extensive network infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive, nationwide coverage.

Whether you're a household in need of faster internet or a business seeking swift data transmission, Netcom Communications Ltd is your go-to source for reliable, future-proof fibre-optic connectivity.


Netcom NZ is heavily involved in public and government infrastructure projects, notably transforming civic spaces in the Manawatu region. Our repertoire includes renovations of shopping centres, schools, parks, and sidewalks, each executed with a deep understanding of community needs.

We enhance shopping centres by improving their layout, safety, and aesthetics, offering a more enjoyable experience for visitors. For schools, we focus on upgrades that foster a safe, accessible, and sustainable learning environment.

In parks, our renovation projects aim to create inclusive, user-friendly spaces for all ages. This involves everything from playground installations and landscaping to improving accessibility.

With our sidewalk construction and renovation services, we prioritise pedestrian safety and mobility, ensuring well-lit, accessible, and adequately maintained walkways.

Throughout these projects, we collaborate with local authorities to ensure our solutions align with community needs and regulatory standards. At Netcom NZ, we're dedicated to enhancing public infrastructure, fostering safer, vibrant, and more livable communities across the country.